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Accounting software automates an organization’s financial functions and transactions with modules including accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, billing and general ledger.

Accounting software is more specific in function and nature. The Accounting System deals with the financial aspect of the organisation and its processes by recording business transactions, i.e. Accounts Receivables / Accounts Payable, journal entries, and general ledger which are used to produce necessary financial reports such as income statements and balance sheets.

As your business grows, and your need for automating more complex data recording and reporting processes increases, you can add more process-specific components; thereby, converting your accounting software into enterprise resource planning

Shark accounting software is a resource management system, which tracks tangible and intangible assets, materials, human resources, and financial resources.

Using shark accounting software could very well be one of the better decisions you make for your company.

  • Unify global financials and operations to allow fast and informed decision making,
  • Quickly and effectively adapt to changing market demands and drive rapid business growth.
  • Improve financial performance to a whole new level by allowing you to close books quicker, deliver reliable reporting, increase profitability with business intelligence, and ensure global compliance.
  • Run smarter operations as you bring agility and efficiency to your manufacturing by connecting and thereby optimizing production planning, scheduling, operations, and cost management.

Automate, streamline and modernise your supply chain with unified, advanced warehouse and inventory management to improve fulfilment, material sourcing, and logistics