With MY SCHOOL you can get rid of your fragmented IT infrastructure. We provide an all-in-one, a platform that offers an affordable solution for the administration of educational institutions of any size.

School Management System that provides all key features required for the effective administration of any K12 institution: Nursery, Kindergarten, Elementary, Secondary or High school. By using the system, you can easily implement a state-of-the-art system that can offer you all the SMS features you may need.

-Offers complete automation of all operations of your school.

-Helps administration to collect, manage and analyze student information, access their data and monitor their academic progress.

-Allows management of attendance, assessments & marking and grade reports.

-Streamlines communication between all stakeholders: students, teachers, parents and administrative staff, with dedicated web portal for any type of end-user.

-Online Teaching & Distance Learning Integrations


·         Attendance

Simple to take and easy to manage.

·         Grade Reports

Attractive and customisable reports.

·         Donation & Fund-raising

Manage campaigns and collect payments online.

·         Time-tables & Resource Management

Share timetables and optimise resource usage.

·         Communication Management

Powerful solution for email, SMS & online questionnaire.

·         Invoicing & Payments

Invoicing solution build specifically for schools.

·         Homework & Assignements

Assign and grade exercises accessible to parents and students.

·         Questionnaires

Collect or confirm information from parents.